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    About Us

    Carefully created · Focus on quality

    Foshan Chancheng Langham Hardware Products Factory is a collection of information, research, development, production, sales and service in the integration of enterprises, specializing in the production of various sections of senior bathroom accessories, with leading domestic and foreign technology elite, manufacturing processes and science Management mode.

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    Integrity development、Innovation and win-win

    The company currently has two brands, "Orange" and "Bath Home." "People-oriented, quality win", Oulang decision-making layer fully comprehends the hard truth of new era development, and pays more attention to absorbing domestic and foreign elites, advanced advanced bathroom accessories manufacturing process and scientific management mode, so as to ensure the high quality driving force of enterprises and brands. . "Elaborately create and focus on quality" uses quality to talk to the market, talks with art and life, "integrity development, innovation and win-win", and wholeheartedly provides customers with the best quality service, and enters the infinite wonderful bathroom world in a limited space.